Spotting the Perfect Spot for Your Ice Cream Van!

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G’day, ice cream lovers! We’re scooping up some top tips for finding the perfect spot for your Scoops Soft Serve Ice Cream Truck at your next event. Because location, location, location matters even in the dreamy, creamy world of soft serve ice cream! ????????

1. Let’s Make it Visible! ????

The golden rule of soft serve is to be seen! So, let’s find a spot where everyone can see us and no one can resist our tempting menu.

  • Entrance or Exit: Near the entrance or exit is a great place where everyone can spot us as they come and go.
  • Central Area: A central spot can also work brilliantly if the layout of your event allows it.
  • High Traffic Areas: We want to be where the action is. Think about where your guests will be spending the most time.

2. Accessibility is Key! ????

The path to ice cream nirvana should be clear and easy. Let’s ensure everyone can get to us with no fuss.

  • Wheelchair and Pram Accessible: We want to make sure everyone can enjoy our delicious soft serve!
  • No Obstacles: Watch out for any physical barriers in the layout of your event that could block access.
  • Space for Queue: We’ll need some room for excited ice cream lovers to line up.

3. Safety First, Mate! ????

While we’re all for fun and games, safety is always our first priority at Scoops Soft Serve.

  • Flat Ground: Our ice cream van needs a flat surface to park on to ensure safety for everyone.
  • Away from Hazards: Let’s keep the van away from any potential hazards, like swimming pools, or high-traffic roads.

4. Power Up! ????

Our van needs a bit of power to keep things chill!

  • Near a Power Source: If you’ve got an outdoor power point, that’s brilliant. If not, we can run our generator.
  • Noise Consideration: Generators can be a tad noisy. So, let’s position it so that it won’t disrupt your event.

5. Consider the Weather ????

An outdoor event? Great! But let’s make sure we’ve considered the good old Aussie weather.

  • Shady Spot: On hot, sunny days, a bit of shade would be fantastic to keep the soft serve from melting too quickly.
  • Rain Plan: If there’s a chance of rain, let’s have a backup plan so the party doesn’t have to stop.

Choosing the right location for your Scoops Soft Serve Ice Cream Truck is a crucial part of making your event a ripper success. Whether it’s a children’s party, a wedding, or a corporate event, follow these tips to ensure everyone can enjoy their favourite soft serve in the best possible way!