Sprinkle Love with Ice Cream at Your Wedding!


Howdy, lovebirds! ???? Are you ready to add a big scoop of fun to your wedding reception? The Scoops Soft Serve Ice Cream Truck is here to bring a frosty wave of joy to your big day. We’ve churned up some unique and delightful ideas for incorporating our soft serve ice cream into your wedding reception. Let’s dive in! ????????

1. Welcome Treat ????????

Welcome your guests with a chilly delight right at the entrance! As they arrive, greet them with a delightful selection from our ice cream truck. What could be a better start to a joyful celebration?

2. Ice Cream Sundae Bar ????????

Bring in the Scoops Soft Serve Ice Cream Truck and set up an interactive sundae bar! We have a vast variety of toppings, flavours, and sauces that will make your guests’ eyes sparkle with excitement. Plus, it’s a fun, interactive experience that guests of all ages will enjoy.

3. Ice Cream Canapés ????????

Let’s give the traditional canapés a frosty twist! Mini ice cream cones or petite ice cream sandwiches can make for delightful canapés. They are bite-sized, tasty, and oh-so-cute!

4. Wedding Cake A La Mode ????????

If you want to stick to the traditional wedding cake but still wish to add a touch of creamy bliss, we’ve got you covered! Serve slices of your wedding cake with a dollop of our soft serve. Cake and ice cream – a match made in heaven!

5. Late-Night Ice Cream Party ????????

As the night falls and the dance floor heats up, cool down your guests with a surprise late-night ice cream party. A visit from our Scoops Soft Serve Ice Cream Truck in the later hours of your reception is sure to keep the party going!

6. Custom Flavours for the Bride & Groom ????‍♀️????‍♂️????

Let’s get personal! How about custom flavours to represent the bride and groom? It’s a unique and sweet way to share a bit of your personalities with your guests. Plus, it’ll be a lot of fun seeing which flavour gets the most love!

7. Farewell Treats ????????

As your guests leave, bid them farewell with a sweet treat. Hand out soft serve cones or cups as a parting gift – a delicious reminder of a joyous day.

Incorporating our soft serve ice cream into your wedding reception is sure to make your special day even more unforgettable. Be it a small, intimate gathering or a grand celebration, ice cream is always a good idea!